+ 9 weeks

+ 12 per class, max

+ 3 seasoned instructors

= The No-Burnout Bootcamp

No, this isn't like the other bootcamps.

Yeah, it's paradise. But it also allows us to provide the best environment for learning: relaxed and engaging, with your life taken care of. Because that's how you learn best.
We're In Bali

You want to become a junior Ruby on Rails dev? Great, we cover that. Wanna go further, build things, become your own tech partner in your next startup? No problem. Become a digital nomad? Yep, that too.

We're missing things other bootcamps offer: like crowded classes, endless waits to talk to instructors, long commutes, junior devs teaching, long hours, high cost of living, bad weather, stress, and burnout.
We're Missing A Lot

Them: a crowded, fluorescent-lit box in a cold, expensive city.
Ruby on the Beach: 9 weeks in paradise with yoga classes on site, an amazing culture to explore, incredible beaches to surf and volcanoes to climb...all while learning to really think in code.
A Life-Changing Experience

Not just the sticker price: 9 weeks are just $10k. But in addition, we provide amazing instructor ratios, great accommodation, and pay for up to $1000 of your airfare.
Amazing Value

Who Goes?

Moniek, Netherlands
Ruby on the Beach is a destination for aspiring developers from around the world. One of the great things you get from Ruby on the Beach is the chance to learn from team mates from so many other places. That changes a lot - and it means that coding and business ideas that you think are local can get global legs.
Will, Indonesia
Laurent, Canada
Our participants come from the US, the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Canada, Singapore, China, Brazil, and many other locations. And, we include scholarship students from Indonesia in every cohort.
Joel, Singapore

What's Our Advantage?

When comparing the published curricula of other bootcamps with ours, we've found that the same material taught at Ruby on the Beach is covered up to 160% faster. That doesn't mean we rush: we pay close attention to retention, with testing and review processes that allow us to say with certainty what our students retain.

Why is this? It comes down to two key metrics: class size, and number of instructors. Our ratio of instructors to students is fixed at 1:4 , and our class sizes are maxed out at 12 - in practical terms, that means no or very little waiting for help when things get confusing. And small classes mean class dynamics are always manageable.

Get Ready to Evolve Your Skills to the Next Level

During the course, you stay with us. Then, we stay with you for the rest of your life.

While on course, we provide great accommodation in beautiful Balinese villas, with a room to yourself - couples can have a room or a villa themselves. Providing housing is the first step in making sure that you're well set up to learn. Helping out with travel costs is another - up to $1000 of your airfare refunded.

But what about when the bootcamp's done - where are you then? With Ruby on the Beach, a real mentorship program keeps you working, improving and building momentum. For up to 6 months, you'll have regular code checkins with instructors who'll steer and encourage your work - whether that's a new business built on the code you learned with us, or your personal project aimed at your next gig.

But that's not the only way we stay with you: Ruby on the Beach is a genuinely transformative experience. Sure, you learn a new set of skills, but you also step away from everyday life to really, really focus, in one of the most enriching, engaging and yet chill places anywhere. And that's something that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

What'll It Be Like? Take a Look:

Instructors, Team, and Other Things That Really Matter

Experience matters. Ruby on the Beach reflects 20+ years of experience both in development, and also in tech education by our founder. Our instructors aren't juniors - they're senior level devs, and they're present in the classroom: our ratios are based on teachers on the floor, helping students, not the aggregate ratio.

Our curriculum reflects those 20+ years of working with students, and refining our teaching approach. Our teaching techniques are carefully built around strategies that work, and maximize learning, while minimizing stress.

Our on-site yoga classes are led by teachers with over a decade of experience teaching, and our partners at Hubud have a long, strong track record of running one of the best - and most desirable - coworking spaces in Asia, and in fact anywhere in the world. Their deep experience in Bali makes our support system shine.

The bootcamp world is filled with popups that bring none of this depth to the table. Frankly, we can't imagine offering anything less, and that's why each new cohort is always followed by a comprehensive review and refactor of our techniques, curriculum and services. That's why each new cohort is a new opportunity for us to push the bounds of the bootcamp further, to realize the potential that others advertise, but we deliver.