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Welcome to Ruby on the Beach

We're a tech bootcamp. We run 9-week courses. In Bali, and other amazing places. For amazing people from all around the world.

And we think your learning experience should be awesome, fulfilling and life-changing - not gruelling. We know that you learn best when you're happy and relaxed. So we focus on keeping you that way. Ruby on the Beach really is a better way to learn.

We help you develop skills for your next career - as developer, digital nomad or web entrepreneur - skills you'd never believe you could master in such a short time.

Our special sauce? Three super experienced devs, and maximum 12 students. That's by far the best instructor/student ratio we know of. It allows you to maintain work/life balance, and still learn more than in a bootcamp that demands much longer hours (and provides far fewer opportunities to surf, climb volcanoes or just chill in one of the planet's most beautiful places).

Don't just change your skillset: change your life.

About Our …

The First Destination-Based Tech Bootcamp

No Burnout

We put the Bali into work/life balance.

Live a great lifestyle that augments the bootcamp experience.

Go Further

Oh, the places you'll go!

It turns out that you actually can combine surfing, volcano climbs, and kick-ass coding.

Better Value

We're all about bang for your buck.

Included accommodation, flight subsidies, and low cost of living mean up to $8.5k savings.


Who Is Ruby on the Beach Right For?

We've helped people from lawyers to entrepreneurs to rock guitarists to graphic artists - with or without experience coding - to be successful coders, junior developers and digital creators.

Meet Stephanie

San Diego-based Stephanie writes for Forbes. Her company, Chic-Ceo, advises women entrepreneurs. When she decided entrepreneurs need to code, she came to Ruby on the Beach. Now she's building great things.

Meet Dan

Champion gamer Dan was travelling in Latin America when he came across Ruby on the Beach, and after getting accepted, he booked his flight to Bali. For Dan, the potential in digital nomadism was a draw that matched his travelling life.

Meet Jenny

What do you do when you finish your MA in European History? Code! Mancunian Jenny brought basic code experience, and used Ruby on the Beach to make the big jump to coder. Jen joined a dev team in Holland after the course.

Meet Matt

Ambitious, smart, and a natural leader, Matt was leading the corporate life, but wanted to break out, to build the health tracking apps he wanted. Matt combined an extensive trek through Asia with bootcamp, and now he's coding on the road.

Meet Moniek

It turned out that Netherlander Moniek's law degree got her a good job, but not one that satisfied her desire to make things. Moniek found out that the basic online Rails course she'd taken had a lot of knowledge holes in it. Now she's on a great footing.

Meet Kintan

Jakartan Kintan met us as she was graduating from a marketing degree. As she put it, "I could see - everything is going web. So why not know web?". Good impulse. Kintan joined a dev team as a junior a couple of days after finishing Ruby on the Beach.

Meet Andrew

Brooklyn-based serial entrepreneur Andrew had built web business, but always had to bring in a tech partner. Our bootcamp would cost what 3 weeks burn for his next tech partner would. He took the plunge, and built his next app himself.


Learn. And Learn to Learn.

Transformation Is The Goal. Paradise Is a Perk.


Bye-bye distractions.

When you attend Ruby on the Beach, everything is organized around keeping you focused.

Learning, Not Slogging

No commutes. No winter slush. Human hours.

At Ruby on the Beach, it's about learning, not slogging.

More, Better Instructors

Nothing matters more than instructor time. Nothing.

That's why we have max 4 students per instructor. That's the best in the biz.

Tech Bootcamp, Rebooted

Less Is More

Frustration, waiting, commutes, long hours.

Just some of what you don't get at Ruby on the Beach

Real World Focus

Solve problems that really matter. Build real stuff.

For Humans Like You

Small groups, great people, and the chance to lead, not just learn.


Learn More…

Ethical Entrepreneurs and Founders Program

Ruby on the Beach has a special, intensive program for those who want to learn to code, and build new businesses around code they create.

Breathe. Code. Breathe Code.

Instructor: Trip

Trip Levine - serious yogi, novelist, musician, painter/muralist and (as we discovered) manic motorcyclist.

Oh, and stone-killer lead dev/founder with 8 years Ruby experience.

Instructor: Bret

Bret Morgan - the dynamo of Asbury Park. Bret runs a coworking space, manages a farmer's market and teaches kids to play with technology. Wow. Just Wow.

You want to know how it works? Ask Bret. He knows, man

Founder / Instructor: Dan

Dan Donaldson - He of the terrible alliteration. 25 years of development have not defeated Dan.

Our Founder, Our Glorious Leader. We Will Follow Dan!


Let's Talk About Outcomes

Junior Dev Skills+

The skills to start working in code at the junior dev level are the baseline.

Good to know that you'll go way beyond that.

You Build Your Vision

Coding is first and foremost creative. We live that every day.

If you've got that urge to create, something you've dreamed of, we can open the door.

An Awesome Life

You don't have to be locked up in bare room to learn to code.

You want your bootcamp to change your skills: why not make it one of the great experiences of your life?

Expand Your Skills. And Your Mind.


Learn More…

You could already be changing your life.

Learn like never before, and live as you never have.

Start now.

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