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Maybe What You're Looking For
In A Coding Bootcamp
Isn't a Bootcamp.

Your learning experience should be amazing, fulfilling and life-changing - not grueling. At Ruby on the Beach, we believe the bootcamp has a lot to offer - but it needs changing.

We've been building our destination-based approach, where we provide the best environments for learning, with great lifestyle since 2013. And we've found that when people are happy and relaxed, they're also focused and ready to learn.

We see our students learn faster our way. And the best part? There's no burnout; they're ready for new coding and career challenges when they leave.

The Changing Bootcamp:
An Environment Designed For Learning.

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Environment really affects your ability to learn. The expensive, cramped apartment you'll rent; the forty+ minute commute to bootcamp; the nondescript office space you'll spend months in; the huge group you'll compete with for instructor time. Burnout schedules. They all kill your learning potential.

Now think about a gorgeous villa; small groups no bigger than 12; one instructor for every 4 students; on-site yoga and the chance to relax. That might mean climbing a volcano, or white water rafting; great cheap restos - and much more.

Your wellbeing is absolutely key to your learning experience. Chill but engaging; beautiful and rich. When you're happy, you learn better, and faster.

Director/Lead Instructor: Dan Donaldson

Dan's experience teaching tech goes way back - almost as long as his 25 years development experience. Despite the current wisdom that bootcamps are something new, Dan has built and run them since the late 90's. What's really new is our burnout-free, super-productive update to the bootcamp, built on Dan's long experience teaching.

Technical Lead Instructor: Bret Morgan

Bret is software dev with 8 years RoR experience. He's also an avid traveler and spends time coding/surfing/working/etc. in Nicaragua. At home he runs a software dev shop, a coworking space, and an online music merchandising start up, besides running one of the largest Tech Meetups in NJ and several tech conferences.

Curriculum Lead Instructor: Trip Levine

Trip Levine has been hacking professionally for eight years now. His coding work includes social networks, and startups around the New York City area. Trip's work on AI is the foundation of an online collaborative large scale language learning platform.

Outside of programming, Trip is a feverish yogi, loves green tea, surfing, and encouraging strangers to smile.

Our Instructors

We hire amazing, active senior devs. Interested?

  • Bret Morgan
  • Trip Levine
  • Dan Donaldson
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The Changing Bootcamp:
From Burnout To Work/Life Balance.

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How is your time spent at the average bootcamp?

class time

At Ruby on the Beach, things are a little different:

class time

What does a day look like at a bootcamp? Well, for many typical bootcamp participants, it's what's on the top: less sleep, a long commute, long class time, but not much spent with actual instructors. And when class ends, the constant need to catch up in the face of a relentless schedule.

Not the Ruby on the Beach participants: they spend less time in class - typically 40 hours a week. But they spend much more of that with instructors. And there are yoga classes with great instructors, on site to keep us fit and happy. That still leaves lots of time for fun! Beaches, volcano climbs, dancing and hanging out, in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

With more time for would you learn best?

Participant: Jenny Ho

Jenny came to us with no coding experience, but tons of enthusiasm, and an understanding of HTML and CSS. Now, she's coding like a champ. "The instruction in the first four weeks completely primed us for the 4 weeks of projects, which are awesome. What I'm building goes far beyond my expectations."

Participant: Will Wiriawan

Will studied architecture, became a very successful photographer, and a connoisseur of coffee. Perhaps the coffee thing drew him to coding? "Being interested in tech is great, but learning to use it, to create with it is a whole other level. That's what I find - code is now a creative tool for me."

Participant: Stephanie Burns

Stephanie's first question to us was, "what's the ratio of women in your course?" Not surprising for her company being in Forbes magazine's top 10 sites for women entrepreneurs. "By week four, I could not believe what I could build, and the insights I was getting. I completely recommend this course."

Participant: Dan Otto

Dan loves tech, and he had the energy to explore a lot of options on his own via online courses and self-study. "The problem is, no-one brings it together, and no-one tells you what the key pieces you're missing are. When you're stuck, that's it. That's what I love about this program. We not only code, but we learn the skills coders use to work together".

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Applying begins with a conversation...

  • Jenny Ho
  • Stephanie Burns
  • Dan Otto
  • Will Wiriawan
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The Changing Bootcamp:
Gender Balance. Women's Cohorts.

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Traditional bootcamps tend to reflect their male membership.

They can leave women marginalized...

We've built an environment where women step up as equals.

Women - some of you seek a space of your own, and some are happy to play with the boys. Either way, if you're a woman interested in tech, and have seen the gender disparity found there, you might get discouraged.

And men, let's be honest: you bring a dynamic to what you do. And in doing that, other ways of approaching problems can get squeezed out. Bootcamps - and tech - have a reputation for sometimes creating that dynamic.

We think cohorts are just a lot better for everyone when there's diversity, so our mixed cohort program has a commitment to gender balance. And we are working with organizations promoting women in tech to create women's cohorts.

The world of tech is changing, and we're committed to that change.

Course: Ruby Newbie

You want to program: where do you start? With the basics, of course. In the 4 weeks of Ruby Newbie, you not only build the key programming skills needed. You also build confidence and competence in the tools and processes programmers use. Using them with a team means you really understand how to work with other devs.
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Course: Casually Impressive

You've got the basics - ideally, through Ruby Newbie. In Casually Impressive, you focus on teamwork, research, building apps and APIs. This is work that prepares you for building your own business app, joining a team as a junior dev, or really understanding coding as a business process.
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Course: Client Master

If you've started to expand from basic HTML and CSS, you've learned that Javascript is key to rich, powerful interfaces. Increasingly, interaction in the client dependent on programmatic tools to manage that activity. In Client Master, you'll progressively learn JS in a range of contexts, starting with basic JS, and working up to an introduction to Node.
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Our courses are modular: take what builds your skills best

The Changing Bootcamp:
Instructors When You Need Them.

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Here's what the ratio of instructors to students looks like at most bootcamps:

And here's what it looks like at Ruby on the Beach:

Those red guys - they're the instructors. At Ruby on the Beach, our instructors are all experienced senior devs. And we make sure there's enough to go around.

You'll be waiting a lot less time for an instructor to help at Ruby on the Beach. So when you want to branch out into something new that's not in the curriculum, they're there for you - and they have the time for you. That's our core value - real time spent with great instructors.

Schedule: 2015

  Ruby Newbie Casually Impressive Client Master
May 2015 Bali -- --
Jun 2015 -- Bali Costa Rica
Aug 2015 -- -- Costa Rica
Sept 2015 Bali -- --
Aug 2015 -- Bali Costa Rica

About Our Schedule

Courses are run on an flexible schedule, taking account of demand and location. Dates are tentative.